Office of the Superintendent

Dr. David Scott, Superintendent

Welcome to Bristol Virginia Public Schools!

Bristol, Virginia, is home of the Bearcats, and we have a wonderful school division that works in the service of a supportive community. Our schools provide diverse and engaging educational opportunities to help our students to be successful throughout their school years and beyond. We understand that success is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. To that end, we always work to strengthen our programs and pathways with all students in mind. We continue to build upon our robust Career and Technical Education programs while still challenging our students with course offerings that are designed to prepare them for post-secondary education.  

As Superintendent, it is my honor to work with our families and educators to provide experiences for our students that are truly first-rate. I will be working with our school and community leaders to ensure that our students are safe, that our facilities are well-maintained, and that our focus remains on keeping our students engaged in the learning process. We know that when students are engaged in their classes, the benefits are innumerable. I am excited to work with our Bearcat families so that our students can enjoy the richness of those benefits.

Dr. David Scott, Division Superintendent
Bristol Virginia Public Schools

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Stephanie Austin