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Section D: TABLE OF CONTENTS (7/12/2016)
DA  file-icon-2
Management of Funds (5/4/2023)
DA-R  file-icon-2
Spending Prioritization (12/4/2018)
DB  file-icon-2
Annual Budget (6/10/2020)
DG  file-icon-2
Custody and Disbursement of School Funds (6/11/2020)
DGC  file-icon-2
School Activity Funds (5/4/2023)
DGC-R  file-icon-2
School Activity Funds (12/4/2018)
DGD  file-icon-2
Funds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies (1/7/2019)
DI  file-icon-2
Financial Accounting and Reporting (6/10/2020)
DI-R  file-icon-2
Financial Reporting Policy - Fixed Assets and Leases (6/29/2022)
DIA   file-icon-2
Reporting Per Pupil Costs (10/23/2017)
DJ  file-icon-2
Small Purchasing (8/21/2020)
DJA   file-icon-2
Purchasing Authority (10/3/2017)
DJA-R  file-icon-2
Purchasing Regulation (10/8/2019)
DJB  file-icon-2
Petty Cash Funds (5/6/2019)
DJF   file-icon-2
Purchasing Procedures (8/21/2020)
DJF-R  file-icon-2
Contractor's Certifications Form (11/11/2022)
DJFA  file-icon-2
Public-Private Construction Services (8/29/2017)
DJFA-R  file-icon-2
Puiblic-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (8/29/2017)
DJG  file-icon-2
Vendor Relations (10/18/2017)
DK   file-icon-2
Payment Procedures (10/3/2017)
DK-R  file-icon-2
Resoultion Appointing Superintendent as Agent to Examine, Approve and Order Payment of Claims and Warrants (12/4/2018)
DL  file-icon-2
Payroll Procedures (8/30/2019)
DLB  file-icon-2
Payroll Deductions (5/6/2019)
DLC   file-icon-2
Expense Reimbursements (10/3/2017)
DLC-E   file-icon-2
Local Travel Mileage Log Form (4/8/2020)
DLC-R  file-icon-2
Regulations for Pre-Approved Expense Reimbursements (1/20/2023)
DM  file-icon-2
Cash in School Buildings (5/6/2019)
DN   file-icon-2
Disposal of Surplus Items (6/10/2020)
DN-R  file-icon-2
Regulations Regarding Disposal of Surplus Items (2/27/2018)
DO  file-icon-2
Non-Locally Funded Programs (5/6/2019)
DO-R  file-icon-2
Non-Locally Funded Programs/Federal Awards Administration (9/25/2018)