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Boards & Committees » School Board » School Board Goals: 2023 - 2024

School Board Goals: 2023 - 2024

Focus Goals

  1. Supervise construction of new intermediate school and begin planning for opening in
  2. Engage students in new and emerging technology that will enhance 21st Century
  3. Exceed accreditation standards as every student experience academic growth
    specifically focusing on increasing raw score performance
  4. Continue to grow and expand participation in CTE programs
  5. Complete energy performance improvements and reprioritize Capital Improvement Plan
  6. Evaluate and update our Gifted Education Plan
  7. Mobilize support for the Bearcat Bridge program as it is more fully developed
  8. Maintain focus on attendance and interventions that improve our chronic absenteeism
  9. Create a safe and healthy learning environment that transition us out of COVID-19
    mitigations while incorporating best practices learned during the pandemic
  10. Retain, recruit, and compensate the best teachers and staff possible

Continuing Goals

  1. Expand and support programs to improve the division’s graduation rate
  2. Provide activities that improve social emotional health for students and staff while
    considering the secondary effects for trauma
  3. Investigate ways to attract and hire a more diverse faculty and staff
  4. Increase focus on providing resources for students of all backgrounds to ensure that our
    diverse student body has equitable access to opportunities and success
  5. Continue B180 in the elementary schools and increase participation to the middle and
    high schools
  6. Review, support, and fund the Capital Needs Plan
  7. Provide support for enhancing K-12 literacy and numeracy skills
  8. Implement a more robust inclusion program
  9. Provide support to division-wide efforts to decrease bullying and improve classroom
    management techniques
  10. Begin implementation of the International Baccalaureate Program