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School Board Goals

Focus Goals

  1. Proceed with the PPEA to implement a two-elementary school model.
  2. Update Comprehensive Plan.
  3. All schools will be fully accredited and every student will experience academic growth.
  4. Align and update School Board Policy Manual.
  5. Grow Career and Technical Education (CTE) partnership with Bristol Tennessee City Schools, Virginia Highlands Community College, and Jacob’s Creek Job Corps and expand CTE offerings to compliment needs of our local community.

Continuing Goals

  1. Continue B-180 in the elementary schools and extend participation to the middle and high schools.
  2. Review, support, and fund the Capital Needs Plan.
  3. Provide support for meeting state and federal accountability standards.
  4. Provide support for enhancing K-12 literacy and numeracy skills.
  5. Oversee a safe and secure school environment.
  6. Continue to maintain our focus on school attendance interventions.
  7. Expand and support programs to improve the division’s graduation rate.
  8. Provide support to division wide efforts to decrease bullying and improve classroom management techniques.
  9. Continue to explore expanding 1:1 to 2nd and 3rd grades.