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Special Black History Month Event

Black History Month Event
On Tuesday, February 27th, Bristol Virginia Public Schools hosted a special Black History Month event for students from Virginia Middle School and Virginia High School. The event featured a powerful talk by Dr. Jerry Jones, a native and resident of Glade Spring, VA, who shared his experiences growing up during segregation and attending the Douglass School, an all-Black high school in Bristol.
Dr. Jones's firsthand account provided students with a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of the Civil Rights era. He spoke about his journey attending Douglass School, graduating in 1965, and pursuing higher education at Virginia State University, a historically Black institution.
The event began with opening remarks by Mr. Randy White, a former BVPS school board member, who highlighted significant moments in Bristol's history related to both the school system and the broader cultural landscape.
To further enrich the experience, a captivating display of memorabilia from the Douglass School was presented. Newspapers, photographs, and other printed materials offered students a tangible connection to this important chapter in Bristol's history. Archival footage from Douglass School events played in the main entrance, adding a visual dimension to the storytelling.
Dr. Jones's story and the historical exhibit provided students with valuable insights into the past while inspiring them to create a more just future.
A big thank you to Mr. Randy White and Mrs. Karen Cross for helping to spearhead and organize the event!
Dr. Jerry Jones