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VMS Wellness

Andrew Belcher, [email protected]
Vanessa Meyers, [email protected]
Adam Moore, [email protected]   
Josh Shuler, [email protected]
Please email your Wellness teacher with any questions or concerns.  
Stay healthy and stay active!

VMS Wellness Plans


Fitness Journal:  Students are to keep a personal Fitness Journal listing their activities during the week, based on the criteria below.  Please email your teacher with your updated journals each week.  Optional, use your devices to take photos or videos of your activities; share with your teacher via email.  


Weekly Plans:   
** Be sure to watch this week’s TGFD video!  It’s the last one and there is a special surprise for doing so!!!**

  • WOD- Pick two WODs from the Workout of the Day list, complete TWO workouts at some point during the week.
  • TOO GOOD 4 DRUGS- Each week watch the video provided, complete the activities and give a short summary (4-5 sentences) about what you learned and the activities you completed. 
    • Stay tuned for the last video and special reward for those that participate!!!  :) 
  • ACTIVITY DAY- Pick activities from the list or be creative on your own!  Do as many as you can a week! 
*each category is listed below*
WORKOUT OF THE DAY (pick two a week)

Virginia Tech Hokies

10 minutes

30 second jog

20 sit ups

Every minute, stop for 5 push ups


Tennessee Vols

3 rounds

5 jump tucks

20 hands free sit-ups

10 lateral line-jumps

1 minute jog


West Virginia Mountaineers

5 minutes AMRAP

10 Air squats

Mountain Climbers

Jump rope


King College Tornado

3 rounds for time

10 air squats

5 hand release push-ups

10 hands free sit-ups


ETSU Buccaneers

6 rounds for time

5 hand release push-ups

10 line hops (front to back)

1x 20 meter sprint


Alabama Crimson Tide

4 rounds of each

5 burpees

5 Squats Jumps

20 Mountain Climbers


Emory & Henry Wasps

8 minutes, AMRAP

20 situps

10 hand-release pushups

5 squats


LMU Railsplitters 

10 to 1

Burpees and Situps 


Radford University Highlanders

Complete as many Sit-up as possible


Old Dominion University Monarchs

4 rounds for time

10 Air squats

10 Hand Release push-ups

45 second jog


George Mason University Patriots

2 minute run/walk

Resista band curls (any weighted item can be used)


Kent State University Golden Flashes

4 Rounds for Time

10 “I am Star” Squats

10 Straight leg sit ups

10 sec planks

30 jog


University of Minnesota Golden Gophers

5 rounds for time

10 Air squats

10 Hand release push ups

10 Hands free sit ups

10 High Knees


South Florida Bulls

5 minutes

As many burpees as possible

Jump rope or air jump rope

1 minute jog


Liberty University Flames

3 rounds

20 mountain climbers

5 squats

10 jump tucks


Bluefield College Rams

40 minute run/walk or bike

Dayton Flyers

10 minutes

Bear crawl for set distance over and back

5 perfect air squats


Villanova Wildcats

4 Rounds

T Rotations x 6 (3each arm)

Step-ups x 6 (3 each leg)

1 minute jog


UNC Tarheels

4 minutes, AMRAP

30 Plank hold

Jog backwards, 10 line jumps, sprint forward


VI Cobras

5 Rounds for time

5 Burpees

10 Hands-free sit-ups

10 Sit-ups


Kentucky Wildcats

8 minutes, AMRAP

5 Squats

Russian twist

Jumping Jacks


Clemson Tigers

5 minutes

12 Step-ups or High Knees

6 Hand release push-ups

Jump ropes or Air Jump rope


VCU Rams

6 minutes, AMRAP

10 Air Squats

12 T-rotations

8 Standing Inch worms


James Madison University Dukes

4 rounds

10 jumping jacks

10 hand release push ups

10 sit-ups

10 t-rotations


University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) Racers

Complete as many Burpees as possible


Akron University Zips

10 rounds

10 hand release push-ups

As many jump tucks as possible


Georgetown Hoyas

6 rounds

30 second Jump rope/ hula hoops

Bear crawl as long as possible

Crab walk as long as possible


University of South Carolina Gamecocks

6 minutes, AMRAP

10 Resistant band- Curls
(any weighted item can be used)

10 Line Jumps

45 Second Jog with high-knees and butt kickers


Notre Dame Fighting Irish

6 minutes, AMRAP

10 Wall push-ups

10 burpees

10 second wall sit


Richmond Spiders 

20 minute run/walk


William and Mary Tribe

5 rounds

30 second plank hold

30 second wall sit

30 sit ups


TOO GOOD 4 DRUGS (one video a week) 


Be sure to watch all of this last TGFD video!!!! Special treat for those that do! 




4/21/20 Lesson 5



ACTIVITY DAY (do as many as you wish!)
Pick activities from the list or be creative on your own.  Get outside whenever possible, if safe to do so. 
Go for a walk
Throw a ball
Shoot basketball
Pass volleyball
Walk your dog
Ride a bike
Go fishing
Take a hike
Yard work or gardening
House work or chores
Play a sport 
Yard sports- Corn Hole, CanJam, Spike Ball, Wiffle Ball, Horse Shoes, Etc...
Active video games- examples: Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Sports 


Beginner Blue Gill Fishing (Fishing Local Ponds: Clear Creek, Spring Lake, Steeles Creek) 


Disc Golf (Courses at King College, Steeles Creek Park, Sugar Hollow Park) 

Disc Golf For Beginners: 

Disc Golf Rules: 


Nature Hiking for Beginners 

Scavenger Hunt Ideas/Intro: (walks in neighborhood, Steeles Creek Park, Sugar Hollow Park, any Wooded Park around the area) 

Scavenger List 












FITNESS DAY (pick one a week, March 16-April 17)
Pick one Fitness Test category, complete ONE during the week

Pacer Test- practice running! 
     Measure 20 meters, if possible


     Do as many sit-ups as possible in 60 seconds


     Throughout the day, do 5 sets of 10 quality push-ups

Sit and Reach

     Practice stretching and flexibility, reach and touch toes, do for 5-10 minutes



HEALTH DAY (pick one a week, March 16-April 17)
Pick ONE video link or webpage link to view and summarize with a few sentences about what you learned.