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VHS Wellness

9th & 10th Grade Wellness Classes
    • Fitness Journal:  Students will be asked to complete a fitness journal for at least 4 days a week.  The journal should include the following:  30-45 minutes of daily physical activity, list of nutritional intake, and how many hours of sleep you get each day/night.  Please include what type of exercises or physical activity you are performing each day along with what types of food, snacks, and liquids you are consuming.  Please use Microsoft Teams to log and send your fitness journal entries each week.
    • EverFi:  Students go to, click Register, enter code 358f1968 and click Next. 

      If you already have an EVERFI account, login and enter code 358f1968 in the top right corner of their dashboard.  We will use EverFi to complete online health courses during the school shut down.  We have 3 courses set up for students to complete.  Students should complete at least 1 section every 2 weeks.  The courses are the following:  AlcoholEDU for High School, K-12 Prescription Drug Safety, and Mental Wellness Basics.  

    • If you have any questions about the assignments please contact your wellness teachers through email or through Microsoft Teams.  Each teacher will be in contact with their classes through Microsoft Teams.
Athletic Wellness
    • Athletic Wellness students will receive daily workouts through  Students can log their completed exercises through their teambuildr account or app.  Students who have not logged into teambuildr previously have been sent an updated code to gain access to the workouts.  Please feel free to message Coach Crist or Coach Daniels with any questions through the Microsoft Team network, in which, you have been added.  It is vital for athletic development, as well as, mental health and wellness to stay as active as possible throughout the school shut down.  Speed and power will diminish in 5-7 days if untrained.  The answer to minimize this is to sprint and jump with maximum effort.
Coach Shuler's Jiu-Jitsu
    • Students will be sent weekly instructional videos to study, practice, and discuss.  If students have any questions we will be discussing the videos weekly through the Microsoft Team network.  Please try to keep all conversations and questions to the Microsoft Team network instead of email and other forms of communication.  Right now is a perfect time to take advantage of free content and videos from the leading jiu-jitsu practitioners.  Many of them are posting free instructional videos while gyms are shut down.  John Danaher and other coaches are offering free videos to anyone who isn't able to train during the virus outbreak.  I suggest using Youtube to access tons of instructional videos from some of the top instructors from all over the world.