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Virginia High School Resources

Teacher Name Teacher Email Content Area Teacher Resource Page Communication Method
Lisa Adkins Culinary Arts OneNote Email, OneNote
Noah Ashbrook Earth Science/Astronomy OneNote & Email, OneNote
Roya Blankenship English/Latin and Unified Classroom Email, Phone, Unified Classroom
Molly Boyle Wellness/Driver's Ed Microsoft Teams
Maggie Bundy English and Unified Classroom Phone, email
Lea Anne Campbell Alternative Edgenuity Email
Kimberly Clear Spanish Senor Wooly and OneNote OneNote, Email
Michael Crist Wellness Microsoft Teams
Mark Daniels Wellness Microsoft Teams
Michelle Dowdy Special Education Email
Monica Fischer Mathematics Unified Classroom Email, PowerSchool
Linda Fuller Biology Edgenuity and Schoology Email, Unified Classroom
Mitzy Graham Special Education Packets for Life Skills;  English students will work in  Email
Brandon Guffey Band Director Charms and Microsoft Teams Email, Remind, Teams
Sarah Gunn Special Education and Unified Classroom Email, Phone, Unified Classroom
Raejean Harman Choir Emails & Microsoft Teams Remind, Emails
Junior Hayden Auto Tech OneNote & Today's Class Email
Joshua Holt Building Trades Canvas Email
Crystal Hurd English and Unified Classroom;  Students will find all assignments (and submit all assignments) through Unified Classroom Email, Teams video, Zoom
Aaron Hurd Technology/CAD Email
Brad Hutchinson English Mr. Hutchinson's Class Page  and  Packets Email, Phone, USPS for initial packets
Ashley Johnson Wellness/Driver's Ed Microsoft Teams
Buffie Jones Cosmetology OneNote Email
Hattie Kilgore Mathematics Schoology Email
Vicki Kimbler Business/CIS OneNote, Everfi & Gmetrix Email, OneNote
Sharon Kistner Transition
Packets for LIfe Skills; English students will work in
Sarah Knight Horticulture/Floraculture Email
Virginia Leonard Business/CIS OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Everfi & Gmetrix.  Instructions are available to students in OneNote Email, Microsoft Teams
Kregg Mabe Social Studies Schoology Email
Deborah Martin Art Email, Social Media
Tiffany Martin Mathematics Unified Classroom Email, PowerSchool
Rebecca Meadows Special Education    
Cristal Morales-Gaxiola Spanish/English and Unified Classroom Remind, Email
Ray Osborne Mathematics Unified Classroom Email
Danny Peterson Spanish Senor Wooly and OneNote OneNote, Email
Shannon Piedmont Media Specialist  
Carol Propst English and Schoology Email, Phone, USPS
Jinx Rasmussen Biology/Earth Science Schoology Email, Schoology
Wayne Rasnick Social Studies Schoology Email
Danielle Riffe Social Studies Schoology Email
Shauna Russell Earth Science Unified Classroom Email, Unified Classroom
Josh Shuler Physical Education Microsoft Teams
Beth Stacy Chemistry/Physics Mastering Physics  and  Schoology Email, Schoology
Christopher Tate English and students will access materials via links and information on this page Email, Phone, Teams, Skype
Aimee Thomas Marketing One Note & Microsoft Teams Email, OneNote, Microsoft Teams
Tina Weaver English and Schoology Webpage, Email
Cody White Mathematics Unified Classroom Email, PowerSchool
Mitzie White Special Education   and  USPS Email
Teresa White Special Education    
Darlia Williams Special Education    
Kristen Wilson Alternative Edgenuity  
Kevin Wright Social Studies Schoology Email
Judy Young Mathematics Schoology Schoology, Email, PowerSchool