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2022 October BEST Winners

Angie Doss
  • Angie Doss, Virginia High School School Nutrition Manager, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond:  this week, Angie went above and beyond by allowing me to use her kitchen equipment due to a failure so some equipment in my kitchen; she said, "come on, girl, we got this"; several times, I have felt over my head, and Angie reached out to me multiple times checking on me and even asked if my team needed anything; this shows she treasurers her colleagues' wellbeing
    • Extraordinary Leadership:  I have been able to witness her lead and guide the VHS kitchen team; she has such awesome leadership and always willing to assist her team at any time
  • Kennedy Murray Harrison, Highland View CIS Site Coordinator, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond:  Kennedy goes out of her way daily for students, staff, and parents; she assists in transportation, food distribution, and medical/dental/vision needs; she definitely has a servant’s heart
    • Exceptional Contribution:  DEFINITELY a team player; never heard her say “no” or “I can’t” when asked to do something; such an asset to Highland View
    • Other:  she is a ray of sunshine; very positive interactions with staff, parents, and especially students; gives encouragement throughout the day and many times over the past couple of years that encouragement has kept us going
  • Harriet Hartley, Virginia High School Secretary, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond:  she showed great empathy to an upset parent; makes sure all the students and families feel welcome at VHS; first contact that parents make with our school, always takes the time to listen and follows up with counselor; she is always so kind and greets everyone with a smile
    • Exceptional Contribution:  this year has shown great concern for our teachers; she said she wanted to make sure teachers felt taken care of so she did a survey of their favorite things (snacks, drinks, food)
    • Appropriate Situational Awareness:  every time I have witnessed Harriet checking a student out of school she asks them a security question to make sure the person picking them up is on file; she ensures all students are safe with no hesitation; transportation situation occurred and Harriet was calm and helped navigate a scary situation for the parent (she was singing her praises)