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BVPS » Best of the Bearcats » 2023 May BEST Winners

2023 May BEST Winners

Jason Barlow
  • SRO Jason Barlow, Nominated by a Colleague

    • Above and Beyond: Officer Barlow has developed a special friendship with one of special needs students who is wheelchair bound.  This student adores him and there are only two people that I have seen that can get a smile out of this student and Officer Barlow is one of those people.
    • Exceptional Contribution: Officer Barlow continuously monitors and walks school grounds to ensure the safety of all the students.  He is always available when needed.
    • Extraordinary Leadership: Don’t know if Officer Barlow realizes it, but there are certain students that gravitate toward him for mentorship.  You can walk by his office many times and see students talking with him and looking to him for advice.
    • Appropriate Situational Response: Makes himself available for situations concerning student disciplinary infractions as requested by the high school administration and he always takes appropriate action.
    • Other: Students go to Officer Barlow about something they did in the community and Officer Barlow counsels them about taking responsibility and has accompanied the student (at their request) when the student went out in to the community to apologize for and fix the problem.  The fact that the student felt that he could come to Officer Barlow, own up to his mistake and that Officer Barlow would point him in the path of correcting his situation says more than words ever could.
  • Reed Beaird, Nominated by Student

    • Above and Beyond: Mr. Beaird has surpassed all of my expectations for a teacher. I remember when I thought that a good teacher was one who just gave easy tests and simple assignments, but now I have realized that a good teacher is so much more than that. A good teacher is one who listens to their students. A good teacher is one who checks in on their students. A good teacher is one who educates their students so efficiently that they begin to thoroughly enjoy a subject that once frustrated them. A good teacher is one who can control a classroom while still being kind to students. A good teacher is one who shows respect towards their students and treats them as equals. A good teacher is one who looks out for their students, even outside of the classroom. But what I find most important, is that a good teacher is one who believes in their students even when they do not believe in themselves. Mr. Beaird has shown me and many of my peers the characteristics of a good teacher, and I find it an honor to have had the opportunity to have been in his class.
    • Exceptional Contribution: Mr. Beaird has made a great impression on the lives of his students without ever expecting anything in return. I remember him helping my classmates and I plan our schedules, so that we wouldn't be overwhelmed with classes in the next school year. I remember him talking me through some future career choices that he not only believed I would succeed in if I pursued but would also enjoy. I remember him helping students who could not figure out a certain topic and taking the time to explain an equation or mathematical law in great detail. I remember him telling me that I have the potential to do great things with my life.  I remember him teaching me and my fellow classmates a catchy little song about the quadratic formula that will forever haunt my memory. One of his statements that I remember word for word, however, is the one that he used in response to when a student asked him how he decided to pick his career, "I wanted to help people." It is evident that he has succeeded in his dream and even though some things were more significant than others, he has left a large impact on my life and the lives of my classmates.
    • Other:  Mr. Beaird has instilled greatness in all of his students. He has taught us, motivated us, and prepared us for success. He believes in all his students, even though we are sometimes hard to deal with, and deserves to be recognized for his great attributions.
Brittany Grizzel
  • Brittany Grizzel, Nominated by a Parent

    • Above and Beyond: Brittany shows a great deal of compassion for our students at Stonewall.  Whether a child is in the office because they are not feeling well, or if there is a situation with a frustrated parent, Brittany always shows a great deal of care with our students.  My students always look forward to the opportunity to run an errand to the office so that they get a chance to speak with Ms Brittany.
    • Exceptional Contribution: Brittany has done an exceptional job learning the tricks of the trade in her first year as our secretary.  She is very organized and efficient and we know we can count on her to get things done in a timely manner. She doesn't wait to be asked to do something, rather when she sees a task that needs to be addressed, she just takes care of it. Our office has been blessed with high quality secretaries over the years, and Brittany has done a fantastic job of continuing that tradition.
    • Above and Beyond: Brittany does a great job in communicating with parents regarding information about their children and events taking place at the school.  Even when parents present challenges, she is always courteous and kind.  Parents feel welcome and appreciated when they come into Stonewall.  Parents appreciate that their children are loved and cared for at Stonewall, and Brittany is an excellent example of that principle.
  • Kevin Wright, Nominated by a Colleague

    • Above and Beyond: Kevin is always willing to help out whenever he can. He is the Student Council Association Sponsor, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor, on the Prom Committee in addition to coaching. If he feels it will benefit the students, Kevin will be involved. This year, two of his players lost their step-father. Kevin stepped up to make sure everything was taken care of with their college, scholarships and anything else they would need. He has mentored them throughout high school and made sure nothing fell through the cracks. 
    • Exceptional Contribution: Kevin goes above and beyond to see that his players are successful in the classroom and beyond. He monitors their grades and attendance and meets with them every time grade reports are handed out. Kevin also works tirelessly to help his players achieve their goals of playing at the next level. He takes time to contact coaches, arrange camps for the players and will even attend college visits if they need him to be there. He is constantly looking for ways to improve soccer not only for Virginia High School but for all players in Southwest Virginia.
    • Extraordinary Leadership: Kevin creates an environment the builds trust and empathy in his classroom and as a soccer coach. This year we have a new student that is visually impaired. This senior student went out for the soccer team and is a member of the varsity squad. The student didn't have the most skill but had the biggest heart. Kevin took his time to work with the student and it was the teams mission for this young man to get a goal. It was evident that because of Kevin's example the other players embraced this young man and truly cared for him.