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6th Grade
Assignments for the 4th 9 nine weeks. Any extra reports, coloring pages, and sketches will be acceptable.

Continue and complete all work in the packet you were given. Folders and packets are available in the office or will be laid out in the classroom where you will have access to pick them up.


Any coloring sheets from Google will also be accepted for a grade.

7th Grade
• Google and go to 
• Do activities from this site
• Choose Haring kids
• Art Detective
• Color Matters
• Metropolitan Museum of Art
• Learn how to draw
• All about color

Find texture coloring sheets and do 2 in black and white and two in color.
If you have a sketchbook and will do 8 complete full page sketches.
Any makeup work will also be accepted.
Any work from website will also be accepted.
Any coloring sheets from Google will be accepted.

Art 8 Digital Online  Mrs. Black

  •     Select 6 texture designs from the file linked below. Draw them in black and white and choose 4 to do in color.
  •     Practice a portrait in pencil on white paper
  •     Do any animal drawing with white pencil on black paper
  •     Choose 4 of the artists from your Famous Artist list to write from. One full page each.
  •     Choose 2 visual arts websites to do a project. Example: Crayola, a museum, and a painting online.
  •     Google “visual arts for students” and choose several websites to work from.
  •     Digital coloring and drawing, visual tours of museums, artists biographies typed.


 You may email completed projects and assignments to 

Blackburn Art
Using the file below,  draw and color individual textures. Watch any videos about crafts and drawing.