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DE English 11

Please go to your OneNote file for your class to get assignments and materials.
Link to Class OneNote:
How to access assignments and materials:
Go to Content Library in your OneNote.
Assignments are on "Weekly Outline."  The current unit is "Satire."
The materials for these assignments are also in the "Content Library."
When we move to the next unit: "Regionalism, Realism, and Naturalism," I will send you the packets via the United States Postal Service. You may do the work on these and transfer them to the individual handouts in each section. You will be handing these in to me via OneNote.
You will also be getting the next chapter booklet for Pinker's The Sense of Style "Chapter 2" in the next week or so. More information on this will appear on the "Chapter 2" section of OneNote.