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Virginia High Library

Hours of Operation:  The Library is open from approximately 7:30 am until 3:00 pm.
Ms. Piedmont will remain open for later hours upon request and student need.

Shannon Piedmont, Media Specialist


Books may be checked out from the Library for a period of three weeks and renewed for additional time.  It is suggested that only two books be checked out at a time.  Periodicals, reference books and audiovisual materials do not circulate.  Access to the book collection is provided by using the computerized card catalog, Destiny, located on the school website.  Laptops are provided to the students for the purpose of enriching their educational experience.  The laptops are property of the school system and should be treated appropriately.  If repair work is needed, please bring the laptop to the library.

Library Mission Statement:
The philosophy of the Virginia High Library is to be an integral part of our school's curriculum and activities.  It is the goal of the library to be the very center and heart of the school.

The Library functions for the benefit of students and faculty.  Library Services provide a wealth of information found in books, periodicals and electronic sources.  Assistance is given with research papers, extra curricular projects, leisure reading materials and other library related activities.
The Virginia High School Library collection consists of approximately twenty-five thousand books, two daily newspapers, twenty magazine subscriptions, a current variety of DVDs based on the current curriculum and selected online computer services and database.  We also offer digital film-making, scanning equipment and printing at no charge to students.