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Principal's Message

Hello Virginia Middle School Community,


As you are all so well aware, middle school is a difficult time for our young people.  They are dealing with new environments, confusing physical changes, a fresh set of feelings, the stress of high academic expectations, and numerous other challenges. And to top it all off, our children are also trying to learn how to coexist with all of their classmates who are experiencing similar difficulties.  Here at VMS, we care deeply about our students’ academic success, but we also care about so much more.  We want our students to be happy, peaceful, successful people who show kindness and respect to all others.  To help with all of this, we are all participating in a school-wide book read.


This year at VMS, everyone in the building is reading an amazing book called Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.  It’s the story of a young man with multiple facial abnormalities; the story begins as this young man enters middle school after being homeschooled for his entire life.  What follows is a touching story that teaches us to “choose kind” when faced with challenging social situations.


Throughout our book read, we will be engaging our students in various discussions and activities focused on helping them “choose kind” as they learn to navigate the difficult and often-choppy waters of middle school and life beyond.  This is where you as VMS community members can come in.  Jessica Buchanan, our fantastic librarian, will  be sharing discussion topics, activities, and ideas through a safe, secure online service called “Remind.”  It is our hope that you will take the time to have some rich, meaningful discussions with your students about what it means to “choose kind” and how to do so, even in the face of adversity.  We would love it if you would sign up and join us in helping build a stronger, happier, more peaceful community.


Here are the instructions: SIGN UP for UPDATES


Thank you for all you do for VMS! 

Jason Matlock 
Virginia Middle School