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BVPS » Best of the Bearcats » 2023 February BEST Winners

2023 February BEST Winners

Jimmie Carter
  • Jimmie Carter, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond:  Jimmie has been amazing with helping each of her co-workers.  When we are short-staffed, Ms. Jimmie steps up and takes on extra responsibilities.
    • Appropriate Situational Response: Ms. Jimmie is always willing to assist in the kitchen any time needed.  She even completes extra tasks without being asked.
Summer Hostetter
  • Summer Hostetter, Nominated by a Colleague and Parent
    • Above and Beyond:  Ms. Summer is incredible at her job.  She always goes above and beyond and keeps everything neat and tidy.  Always willing to help with anything additional.  Does fun things for the students.  At Christmas she decorated the cleaning closet door with a Christmas tree and she gave the students paper ornaments to color to put on the tree on her door.
    • Exceptional Contribution:  During per-service week and every holiday, Ms. Summer makes a point to leave encouraging messages or small gifts for the teachers and staff in the building.  Always friendly, welcoming, and kind.  I truly feel as though her presence has made our building a better place to work.  When we came back to school she made a special checklist of extra items that we would like to have cleaned.
    • Other:  Treasured part of our school.  Knows the kids by name and takes a genuine interest in who they are.  My son is a student in our building and I am sure he talks her ear off every day.  She is so patient and makes him feel special.  He tells her often when he is grown up he wants to work with her.  On his birthday she made him a t-shirt with his name and “Junior Custodian” printed on it.  I am confident that meeting and knowing Ms. Summer will be one of my son’s greatest memories just as I know it will always be one of mine.  She truly is the BEST of the Bearcats.  Always kind to everyone.  Greets students and staff with a warm smile.
Trish Tolley
  • Trish Tolley, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond: Trish has worked closely with all of our speech pathologists, but especially our contracted people, to teach them our systems, paperwork, and procedures.  She has done extra testing, writing, and paperwork to ensure that new folks transition well.  She has done this with no extra pay or recognition, but just to ensure our kids get the services they need.
    • Exceptional Contribution:  Trish has worked hard to ensure all students receive the services they require, but also assumed the responsibility to complete paperwork that was not completed, or needed extra attention.  She has even written IEPs and held meetings for students that are not specifically on her caseload.
    • Extraordinary Leadership:  Trish has provided training on our IEP system to several of our new contracted pathologists, holding meetings, and then being available for questions and giving guidance whenever it is needed.  She has done all of this with a cheerful heart and attitude.  She has shown exceptional leadership skills.
Carlos Lee
  • Carlos Lee, Nominated by a Colleague
    • Above and Beyond:  For 42 years, this man has given so much not only to our system but also to our students and student athletes.
    • Exceptional Contribution:  42 years with BVPS speaks for itself!
    • Extraordinary Leadership:  As a coach he has coached and mentored athletes, with and without athletic ability, and made them better.  He has coached state championship individuals and teams.  Coach Lee, along with others, established the Ballard Lee Foundation that helps students and student athletes in Bristol VA and TN.
Tracey Dingus
Tracey Dingus, Nominated by a Colleague
  • Above and Beyond:  Having been a classroom teacher, she knows the urgency many feel when something does not work properly and does not delay in helping others.  A member of the staff emailed her about a staticky phone and she was there within minutes to replace the cord. Always great about sending out instructions that include videos and pictures and eager to help trouble shoot.
  • Exceptional Contribution:  Tracey demonstrates the characteristics we aspire to have as Bearcats.  Relentless work ethic, dedication to perfection, and service to staff, students and community is unmatched.  When her time as ITRT is over she goes to the central office and serves as the technology secretary where she is often the last one to leave.  Despite all her rolls, there has never been a time I needed her that she wasn’t there. Tracey is an indispensable part of BVPS and we are all better because of her dedication.
  • Extraordinary Leadership:  Tracey does not work at just one school or office in the system, she helps in every school and central office.  She puts in countless hours that many times goes unnoticed.
  • Appropriate Situational Awareness:  Not only an exceptional co-worker, Tracey is a wonderful friend. When two sudden and unexpected situations occurred she stepped in and did all she could to help.  She was a constant means of encouragement during this time.