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Links for Classes

Links for Career Classes
Week of March 23rd-27th
8th grade and 7th grade students please favorite/star a career in your Major Clarity account.
Watch an interview and do the activity for that career.
Continue to check my link and your email for weekly updates and more directions.
Thank you!
Links for Keyboarding Classes
6th grade students use this link for now to play a game and work on your keyboarding techniques
I will add weekly keyboarding assignments to be completed and emailed to me weekly (1-2 assignments per week)
For today 3/19-Monday (3/23) choose a keyboarding game from the link above-practice home row keys only.  Post your high score if you wish (a little bit of friendly competition). Posture rules Remember work on sitting up straight, both feet firmly on the floor, elbows off table/desk, wrist and fingers slightly curved.  Remember we are trying to touch type so do your best to not look down at the keys or your fingers.
Thank you!
6th graders start checking your email this week for keyboarding assignments!  I know you guys are excited!  These assignments are shorter and please try your best to work on your posture!