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Bristol Virginia School Board

The supervision of Bristol Virginia's public schools is vested in a five-member School Board.  This Board adopts policy to govern the day-to-day operations of the schools, provides for the enforcement of school laws, and care for, controls, and manages the division's properties.  Members determine the length of the school term, the studies to be pursued, the methods of teaching to be employed, and more.  At the time of his or her election by the public, each Board member must be a qualified voter and a bonafided resident of the school division and district which they represent. 
Breanne Forbes Hubbard, Chair, [email protected]
Vanessa Guffey, Vice-Chair, [email protected]
Randy Alvis, Member, [email protected]
Steve Fletcher, Member, [email protected] 
Frank Goodpasture III, Member, [email protected]