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Highland View History

Highland View Elementary School had its beginning in 1934 in a store building located in Washington County, Virginia.  For several years parents made appeals through petitions, visits, and letters to the Washington County School Board requesting a school building.  The effort was well worth it, when construction began in 1937, the dream of those parents was finally realized.  The buildings consisted of six classrooms and a principal's office.  The school served grades one through six.  Mr. B.D. French was the superintendent during the construction period. 

When school started in September of 1937 things were very difficult.  The job facing the PTA was a tremendous one but with various activities such as suppers, parties, nights of fun, and quilt (made by the parents) raffles, much was accomplished.  Teachers, parents, and students all worked together to beautify the grounds.

At the first PTA meeting each person present was allowed to write a name for the school on a slip of paper.  These were given to a panel of five judges.  From the suggestions, five names were selected and then voted upon.  Thus, the name, Highland View, was chosen.

Restroom facilities were located outside the main building.  Adjacent to the school was a small building where food was prepared for the students and the faculty.  The building was not large enough to serve as a cafeteria, so students were required to pick up their hot meals and return to the classroom for the noon meal.

Highland View outgrew the building and additional construction was completed in 1949-50.  Bristol, Virginia annexed this part of Washington Country, so Highland View was considered a city school in the early 1940's.  This same structure stands today.

In the school year 1974-75, the school population increased due to annexation of an area from Washington County, Virginia by the City of Bristol, Virginia.  For that school year, grade 5 was transferred to Douglass Elementary.  Later, when VanPelt Elementary opened in the annexed area, school zones were redistricted and grade 5 returned to Highland View for the 1977-78 school year.

The Highland View community has undergone little change in recent years.  It is located in East Bristol, one of the older sections of the city.  There are several small industries located near the school, but the community is mainly residential, containing two subdivisions, other single dwelling houses, a mobile home community, two housing developments, and several condominium complexes.

The State Department and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredited Highland View Elementary in 1979.  The State Elementary Principal's Conference, in 1980, asked Mr. Bob Jones, Principal of Highland View, to make a slide presentation on the structural and aesthetic improvements, which can enhance an older school.

There is evidence of progress at the school with new programs continually being added to assist teachers in doing a more effective job.  Speech classes, Chapter I Instruction, VISION classes, a Title I preschool program, music, physical education, library skills, and guidance are just a few of the programs offered to students.  The school board, administrative staff, faculty, and parents work together in a cooperative manner to promote the progress of all students at Highland View Elementary.  Thus, Highland View is a school where all students grow and learn.

The principal's office was renovated during the summer of 1992.  This renovation enabled the secretary to move into a larger workplace and gave the principal a much needed conference area.

Highland View Elementary became a Pre-K - 5 school in 1996-97.

Highland View saw new playground equipment installed and ready for use for the 1997-98 school year.  During the same school year, we had a new sidewalk constructed leading from the playground to the left-hand side of the building.  Mulch was laid for the play areas surrounding the new playground equipment.  The preschool and kindergarten playground has newly installed swings and sliding boards.

Highland View is moving with the Technological Age toward the 2K millennium.  The school is networked and on-line.  We represent the Bristol Virginia City Schools with the Weather Station Network.  The weather station correlates with the Virginia SOL's and is a program that addresses all grade levels.  Highland View continues to strive to meet the changing needs of its students and community.

The following have served as principals of Highland View Elementary:

  • Virginia Bonduran
  • James Bush, 1949-52
  • Ben DeLuca, 1952-54
  • Louie Kovacs, 1954-56
  • Paul Dugger, 1956-69
  • Calvin Derting, 1969-71
  • Lester Hall, 1971-73
  • Bill Shanks, 1973-75
  • Bob Jones, 1975-84
  • Don Mumpower, 1984-90
  • Geneva Dillard, 1990-91
  • Donna Hale, 1991-95
  • Mike Braswell, 1995-98
  • Debra Leonard, 1998-2013
  • Pamela L. Davis, 2013 - 2022
  • Amanda Chitwood, 2022 - Present