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1:1 Initiative

What is it?

Part of the School Division’s responsibility in preparing students for the 21st century is to provide them access to the tools they will be using as adults. The internet will be one of these tools. Through the Division’s computer system and 1:1 Initiative, your student will have access to libraries and computer services from all over the world. We accept the responsibility of teaching your student about his/her role as a “network” citizen and the code of ethics involved with this community.  Beginning in the 2019 - 2020 school year, each student in grades 2 - 12 will have the opportunity to be provided with a personal laptop to be used for school work.

In order for your child to take advantage of this educational opportunity, your authorization is needed. Both you and your child (in grades 2 - 12) must attend an initial Orientation session and sign our Acceptable Computer System Use Policy GAB/IIBEA and regulation GAB-R/IIBEA-R before your child may use the computer system or be issued a laptop as part of the 1:1 Initiative. Only newly registered students' parents will need to attend a 1:1 Orientation session with the Guidance Counselor at their respective schools.