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RFP #4 - 2017/18 Exclusive Beverage Services

Exclusive Beverage Services 

The Bristol Virginia School Board is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to establish a contract for exclusive beverage services for Virginia High School. This will include vending machines, concession stands at Virginia High School, and concession stands at both Gene Malcolm Stadium and Devault Stadium. In consideration of allowing the awarded vendor exclusive access to Virginia High’s campus and concession stands, the awarded vendor agrees to offer benefits in the form of commission and/or other incentives. This invitation does not commit BVPS to pay any
costs incurred in the preparation of proposals, nor commits the Board to select any firm which responds.


Issuance Date 10/27/2017
Inquiries Deadline 11/07/2017
Addendum Release 11/09/2017
Due Date 11/21/2017
Committee Meeting 11/29/2017
Interviews 12/01/2017
Board Review 01/08/2017
Award Notification TBD


Five (5) complete copies of sealed proposals must be in the Bristol Virginia School Board Office, 220 Lee Street, Bristol, VA 24201, no later than 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Offerors shall provide one (1) additional copy with all information considered proprietary redacted and suitable for public inspection in accordance with Section 2.2-4342 of the Code of Virginia. The official time clock is located in the Finance Conference Room (Room 238) at Bristol Virginia School Board Office, 220 Lee Street, Bristol, VA 24201. Each copy shall be complete and separately bound. Sections shall be formatted identically to the outline and identified to facilitate evaluation and to prevent evaluators from unnecessary search or arranging of materials
for evaluation purposes.

No FAXED proposals will be accepted.

Your response must be submitted in a sealed envelope/package, clearly marked “Exclusive Beverage Services RFP # 4-2017/18."

Modifications to this RFP will not be considered valid unless issued in writing from Bristol Virginia Public Schools.

Bristol Virginia Public Schools will provide the mechanism for the evaluation of all information received. The School Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive informalities or irregularities and to negotiate with proposal submitter as determined to be in the best interest of Bristol Virginia Public Schools.
As this is a request for proposal, no information regarding the identity of the offerors or the contents will be released until after the negotiation process. Once an award has been made, all proposals will become public information.