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BVPS Intermediate School Parent Tour

Parents representing all four elementary schools within Bristol Virginia Public Schools (BVPS) were treated to a special “sneak peek” tour of the Virginia Intermediate School construction site on Thursday, February 1st, 2024.
The tour, led by current Van Pelt Principal Jared Rader, the future principal of Virginia Intermediate School, offered parents a firsthand look at the progress and design of the new facility. Dr. Megan de Nobriga, Director of Special Education, Jennifer Hurt, Director of Elementary, and Dr. Faith Mabe, Principal of Washington-Lee Elementary School, also accompanied the tour group.
Parents explored the school's key areas, including the gym, library, cafeteria, classrooms, and main office area. They even got a look at the designated space for an inclusive playground, promising equal access and fun for all students.
"It’s so exciting to bring parents from all the elementary schools together to see Virginia Intermediate School and to share ideas about ways to make the consolidation successful. This event just brings us one step closer to the reality of bringing all our elementary students together on one campus under two roofs. The vision is coming to life - and we are so honored to be a part of this amazing milestone for Bristol Virginia Public Schools!" said Dr. Megan de Nobriga.
Following the tour, guests enjoyed a catered lunch in the future cafeteria and had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the construction progress with school officials.
“We really want this to be thought of as four schools becoming one,” said Jared Rader, future principal of Virginia Intermediate School. “This tour was a great chance for parents to see how Virginia Intermediate School will bring our elementary school communities together to create a seamless and enriching learning environment for all students.”
Scheduled to open in Fall 2024, Virginia Intermediate School marks a significant milestone in BVPS's commitment to educational excellence. 
The school will welcome students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5, becoming a cornerstone of the elementary school system alongside Virginia Primary School (currently Van Pelt Elementary). This consolidation merges Washington-Lee Elementary, Stonewall Jackson Elementary, and Highland View Elementary, fostering a unified learning experience for all Bristol Virginia students.
VIS Parent Tour
Video of Part of the Tour: