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Senior Prom Information

  • Deep Sea Dreams
    Senior Prom is May 15th, from 8:00pm-11:00 pm.  It is being held upstairs at 620 State Street.   Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased in advance. These tickets are sold by cash or check only. Please try to have the right amount for faster service.  Tickets must be purchased before the day of prom.  You must be a senior in order to buy a ticket, and you may purchase a ticket for yourself and one guest.
  • For in-person learners: Tickets will go on sale May 10th-13th and will only be sold before & after school outside the cafeteria.     For remote learners:  tickets will be sold here at school on Friday April 30th or Friday, May 7th between the hours of 11am-2pm.   
  • If your date is nota current student at VHS, your prom guest must be pre-approved by administration before you can buy your date a ticket.  Go by the front office and sign your date up in order to have your date approved.  Approval is needed before you attempt to buy your tickets. Remote learners: if your date is not a VHS student, contact Mr. Collins before you show up to purchase your tickets.
  • All seniors and their dates will be required to take a Covid test before being permitted to attend prom. Once you & your date receive a clear Covid test, you will be given the wristband that you need to be admitted to prom. You need both a ticket AND a wristband to be admitted to prom.   Students who test positive for Covid will not be permitted to attend prom for the safety of others and will have their ticket money refunded.  On-site Covid testing will be available at the high school during the school day on May 12th and 13th.  More specific information regarding testing at VHS or additional testing options will be published after 4/28.   Be on the look out for this information.   If your date is not a current student at VHS, they still must take a Covid test here or elsewhere and submit proof of a negative test.  After you sign your non-VHS date up in the office, you will be contacted with more information on the procedures for this. 
  • Masks are required to enter prom but may be removed afterwards.
  • There will NOT be a professional photographer at prom this year so please have all your prom pictures made before prom. Due to Covid restrictions, parents are not allowed to come take pictures during prom this year.
  • Students should be sure to bring in what you need for prom (camera, etc.) as students will NOT be allowed to re-enter the dance once you exit the building. 
  • Students need to pay attention to where they park on prom night and make sure they do not park in a tow away zone. A BVPS mini-bus will be circling the area to offer rides for those who prefer not to walk or in the event of inclement weather.  A map will be provided at time of ticket purchase that will show the route the school mini-bus will be traveling to and from some of the remote parking lots in the downtown area.

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