USI.7 Review Games & Activities


USI.7a Games
Articles of Confederation
1.  Articles of Confederation Pop-Up Game

2.  USI.7 Concentration Game

3.  Articles of Confederation Multiple Choice Questions
USI.7b Games
The Constitution
1.  The Constitution Millionaire Game

2.  The Constitution & Separation of Powers Multiple Choice

3.  The Basic Principles of Government Pop-Up Game

4.  U.S. Constitution Brain Pop Movie

USI.7c Games 
Political Parties
1.  Hamilton vs. Jefferson Pop-Up Game

2.  Federalists vs. Antifederalists Order Paragraph Activity

3.  Political Parties Emerge Order Paragraph Activity
USI.7d Games
The First 5 Presidents
1.  Presidents and Their Accomplishments Matching Game

2.  The First 5 Presidents List Activity

3.  The First 5 Presidents Millionaire Game

4.  Issues Faced by the First Five Presidents Pop-Up Game

5.  The First 5 Presidents Drag & Drop Activity

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