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Welcome and thank you for visiting our Highland View Elementary School website.  We invite you to look through our pages for information you may need to become acquainted with our school programs, faculty, and staff.


Highland View Elementary School website.  We invite you to look through our pages for information you may need to become acquainted with our school programs, faculty, and staff.


Highland View is a pre-k through fifth grade facility serving approximately 200 students and families.  We affectionately consider our building to be the Grand Dame of Bristol.  She is the oldest elementary school in the Bristol Virginia Public School system, but with each school day she grows in character and charm.  Our faculty and staff manage their classrooms with this concept in mind and treat all students like family!


The Highland View faculty and staff strongly believe that student physical, social, and mental health, along with proper nutrition; contribute to academic success, life-long learning and more healthy lifestyles.  Empowered by our supportive school board and superintendent, they facilitate several programs dedicated to giving our students every advantage possible to reach their fullest potentials.


Highland View Elementary School has an early morning Bearcat Running Club that meets at 7:20 a.m. each morning Monday through Thursday. This club is designed to encourage physical fitness, provide social support, and group work ethic to build the spirit of team work.  Students in second grade to fifth grade are encouraged to participate.  Parents and family members of our club members are encouraged to walk/run with the students.  Morning transportation must be provided by families.


In addition to the Running Club, our faculty and staff offer a comprehensive After School program for students in kindergarten to fifth grade.  This program is offered Monday through Thursday with selected activities for certain grade levels on Friday. The program extends the school day from 3:00-5:00 p.m. with transportation provided by BVPS buses on normally scheduled routes.  The After School program begins after the Labor Day holiday this year.  Look for additional information about the After School program which will be sent home in the student’s daily folders.


Thank you for visiting the Highland View website.  If you have suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to call and let us know how we may be of assistance to you and your family.


Our goal is to “Be the Difference” in our student’s and families’ lives in 2014-2015!



Pamela L. Smith








1405 Eads Avenue
Bristol, VA 24201

Principal - Pam Smith
Secretary - Miranda Whitt

276-821-5711 (Fax)

Information-Snow Line: 276-821-5999

Mission Statement

Bristol Virginia Public Schools, in partnership with students, families, and community, promotes educational excellence through rigorous programs to inspire thoughtful, productive, and contributing citizens for the 21st Century. 
Faculty Agendas

August 26 2014


Safety Concerns

1) Return to the habit of locking your classroom doors each afternoon. Use you key.

2) Talk to your students about not opening the doors for visitors.

3) Practice using the emergency door- jam- stick until you are an expert with it

4) Fire Drill Concerns- (?)

5) Crisis Telephone Tree-Updates

6) Crisis Team Meeting- Thoughts for our needs…

a. Emergency evacuation routes

b. Alley clear of parked cars

7) Allergies- Only one teacher responded

a. Food allergies

b. Epi-pen needs

c. Medications


9) Copiers-Codes will be keyed in and a limit placed on the number of copies you may make equaling 2 boxes of paper until holidays.


11) Parent Contacts- Contact each child’s home and document the call. It really works!

12) Fall Festival Update- Sara

13) Guidance Update- Amy

14) CIS update- Carrie

15) Office needs- Miranda

16) Fast ForWord Update-Kathy

17) HVES –PBIS- Kim and Christy

18) Charlotte’s Web Plan- Sara and Meghan

After Labor Day

19) We begin breakfast in the classrooms on Tuesday.

a. Students leave backpacks on

August 26 2014


b. Leave the gym, oldest first- Teachers please come to the gym @ 8:05

c. Go through breakfast line, receive bagged breakfast and students will need to hand the tiny plastic cups with lids and gravy cups to the teacher until they get to the room (Teachers will have a tray).

d. Primary will exit out the back doors in good weather and proceed to classrooms.

e. SS will have large trash barrels ready on each level. Teachers will have a plastic tub for napkins, sporks, etc for the week. Classrooms will have squirt bottles for clean-up. (I suggest you give students the job of clean-up to build responsibility)

f. Students will eat breakfast as the teacher reads from Charlotte’s Web.

g. Aides will be needed in primary until the process becomes easier for implementation.

h. Students will trash the breakfast bags in the rooms. Room trash bags will be placed outside the classroom doors.

i. Fifth grade students (who earn the privilege of helping Miss Teresa) will bring 3rd, 4th and 5th trash bags to the music room door, place bags outside. Then proceed to the primary wing and collect those bags. They will take the larger bags of trash out the side door by the primary playground. Teresa will supervise the children as they take the bags to the dumpster. She will send them to class.

j. This is a learning process. It will take time to work the kinks out. Your input is greatly appreciated.

20) Mrs. DeBusk will share the plan for the book read with the staff.

21) After School Program begins on Tuesday as well. THANK YOU for your generosity in supporting our students.

a. No luck on the 21st Grant, but that is ok!

b. Bristol Lite is in a precarious position, we will investigate further.

c. It’s our entire program, we control it, and we choose to develop our activities to suit our student’s needs.

d. We will not let anyone fail!

22) Continue to bring ESD issues to our attention.

23) Continue to bring Technology needs to our attention

a. New plan for tablets and intervention, keep your fingers crossed.

August 26 2014


24) Sullivan County Schools is touring HV on 9/10 to see how we are getting interventions done.

25) SACS visit coming, please review the Evaluation Document I sent last week through email. Student engagement is the measure by which we will be assessed.

26) Sara, Anna, and Paula- Jenson Training.

Increase Student Engagement-Gaudy Goals!!!!!

27) Morning Meeting Samples and Activity.

a. View two samples, many more on youtube

b. Let’s formulate a Morning Meeting that will be sequential and logical to meet our student needs at each grade level.

c. Must haves:

i. Metacognition piece-Daily Plan for learning or schedule (age/grade appropriate). What you will be learning…

ii. Response to … (weather or current events, today in history, etc)

iii. Number line- (adjust for grade level)

iv. Number Sense-number chart ( Multiplication style) even, odds, patterns, before, after, etc.

v. Student recognition

vi. Create your plan per grade level and stick to it. We will use this in our SIP.

vii. Each grade level will share their plans with me during grade level meetings in two weeks. During this time, take time to implement the morning meeting and work out issues. Meet with your partner and keep it together. I would like to start observing these and sending in Melissa to video tape, as you are comfortable. (the videos are for showing off to our faculty and getting feedback from your peers)

17)RTI Reading next week, please be prepared to share your early diagnostics with the group. Mrs. DeBusk has the forms ready for you to prepare ahead of time. August 26 2014

18) Our schedules are starting to be consistent (barring transportation) so our classroom aides may start their "true" schedules. Let me know where additional needs are.

19) Remember intervention is beyond instructional time.

20) Our Executive Board has great plans for our success this year. Please let them know how very much we appreciate them. They want to provide us with:

Playground slide

Student incentives

Teacher incentives

Support for US!

21) Bearcat Bandwagon- Week after the Fall Festival


Calendar Events:

August 22- Early Dismissal
August 26- PTA Open House
September 1- No School
September 19- Rhythm and Roots Weekend
October 3- Fall Festival
October 16- Early Dismissal
October 17- Fall Break


Highland View is collecting Box Tops for Education.  Please turn these in to your teacher.  

Parent Survey:  Please click here to take our Parent Survey.  Thank you!



We would like to welcome

our new PTA Board for the

2014-2015 school year:

President-Harriet Hartely

Vice President- Rebecca Dishner

Treasurer -Sara DeBusk

Secretary- Mary Morris


Highland View Welcomes our new Communities in Schools on site coordinator

Mrs. Carrie Goss!








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